Extension Mobility Issue when migrating from 10.5 to 11.5

We migrated out CUCM servers from 10.5 to 11.5 using Prime Collaboration Deployment tool. We had a an issue where Extension mobility was not working

When clicked on EM , it basically gave following screen without prompting users for login/password

EM login screen

I tried usual things like

  • Unsubscribe/subscribe services
  • Checking the UC Service URL is correct
  • Restarting EM and Tomcat

That failed to give any results so I collected logs , Make sure to set the logs to debug to collect more detailed logs .

Here was CUCM response –> to EM login

<?xml version =”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<Title>Login response</Title> <——This is unexpected–It should say Login
<Text>Login Unsuccessful</Text><——-This is unexpected–It should say Login
<Prompt>Please try to login again (2)</Prompt>

This is how CUCM was responding to the EM login request 
2017-07-19 15:52:09,729 INFO [http-bio-443-exec-1 ] Authenticator – 1:Authenticator.authenticateTransaction: AppID: CCMSysUser- Calling AuthenticateUserWithPassword(CCMSysUser, “password”)…
2017-07-19 15:52:09,758 ERROR [http-bio-443-exec-1 ] Authenticator – 1:Could not authenticate: Non Defined IMS Exception
2017-07-19 15:52:09,758 WARN [http-bio-443-exec-1 ] EMServiceServlet – 1: executeQuery MyException.
2017-07-19 15:52:09,758 DEBUG [http-bio-443-exec-1 ] EMServiceServlet – 1:Query completed, returning<response>
<error code=”2″>DB Query Error: Application Authentication Error: Could not execute user authentication: Coudn’t authenticate: Non Defined IMS Exception

It seems to be an issue with the CCMSysUser which is the Application user used for EM service, This CCMSysUser uses “security password “ which was somehow erased during migration process, It is the same password that is used to authenticate DB replication. As soon as I changed it to right password , Everything started working .

Don’t forget to restart Tomcat (only thru CLI ) and EM service on cucm



Cisco Vs Twilio

I am have been Cisco guy for as long as I know but Twilio is really my new favorite, Cisco has its own Twilio equivalent called Tropo which they acquired in 2015. All of the them are CPaas providers .

As I am writing this Cisco Live is currently going on but somehow I am more interested in Twilio’s Signal conference .

Power of APIs as Jeff Lawson, CEO of  puts in , APIs are eating the world

Twilio APIs based communications platform lets developers use simple APIs to do pretty much any communications

I have been developing some scripts in Python and I am amazed by its simplicity and  power, Combine it with Zapier’s  automation software and you can pretty much automate anything in world.

For example I wrote a ZAP that whenever a row in  google sheet ( which is our vacation planning sheet for July 4) changes , Send me and group text message . Took me like 3 minutes.

Cisco contact center is no match for Twilio Task router which allows omni channel customer service experience, You can send a message from facebook messenger and the call is handled beautifully by same agents that handle calls.

Future of everything is software .



Amazon’s Entry in call center business and predictions for contact center

Anybody who had worked with large call center environments probably experienced this

  • Call Center solutions are unbelievably complex and expensive
  • Pace of innovation is super slow
  • Constant upgrades and professional services are required

Thats all going to change with entry of Amazon Connect in business , Watch this  this enterprise connect session . Enterprise communications is one of the last strongholds where majority of customers are still on premise based .

Amazon has learned from all its customer service over the years and build a solution with customers in mind .

New entry in already crowded but very lucrative market .

New trends

  • Integrations of watson and other AI machine learning API in contact center will predict customers sentiment and reason of calling . 40% of the calls will be already resolved before call even hits the agent by use of predictive learning.
  • All calls will be taken by browser based , phasing out traditional phones and desktop agent applications
  • Based on caller ID , database access of the customer, sentiment analysis algorithm will already make 2 to 3 decisions of what customer is looking for, All agent has to do is select one and its all done
  • Customer call time would drop from average 5 to 15 minutes to literally 1 to 2 minutes , except few customers who are difficult by nature 🙂
  • Call Center upgrades and implementation time would go from several months to weeks .





Phone Migration from 10.5 to 11.5 cluster

So it was one of those long working weekends , We moved our phones from 10.5 to 11.5 cluster. We had build 11.5 using PCD . PCD is suppose to carry the certificates so that phone did not have to cleared off for CTL /ITL certificate , But that didnt happen.

So we were left with 3 choices

  • Use third party software to clear the files , cisco recommended this software
  • Manually reset the files
  • Use “Prepare cluster for rollback before 8.0 ” option

We went with third option , It extremely important to know the sequence of events before using that option as it will clear out ITL/CTL files for every phone in cluster.


Step 1 On the Central TFTP server enable the Enterprise Parameter Prepare cluster for pre CM-8.0 rollback.
Step 2 Restart TVS and TFTP.
Step 3 Reset all phones to verify they download the new ITL file that will disable ITL signature verification.
Step 4 Configure Enterprise Parameter Secure https URLs to use http instead of https.

Things turned out good except few phones which refused to register to new cluster, We had to reset them manually .


Make sure to change TFTP for all devices which were set up manually like wireless phones, Video end point, Biamp ,

Also login to ATA190 with admin /admin and change TFTP address there .

Move gateways ,

Change DSP resource profiles

Change VCS / TMS configuration

UCCX configuration if any


Cisco Prime collaboration deployment server as SFTP server

One of very interesting things I found out is that Cisco PCD server can be used as SFTP server.

Its amazing how nice it works , One of the many benefits of PCD .works like charm ..and since PCD VM can be local to your UC cluster VM , transfer is fast and will never time out .

So Just login to PCD as adminsftp ( this sucker is case sensitive ), I spent 30 minutes figuring that out and your password for PCD server ..





Steps Migrating from UCCX 10.6 to 11.5

Few Summary steps to upgrade UCCX


*****11.5 UCCX uses 10 GB Ram vs 8 GB for 10.6

**** 11.5 only supports Finesse and IPPA Finesse clients

Plan ahead as you will have to retrain agents on new procedures and provide new way of logging in .

For finesse to get activated we need run this command “utils uccx finesse activate” on each Unified CCX node in a cluster.Once Finesse gets activated we can only use Finesse ; CAD will be unavailable for version


However, UCCX can run on MIX mode only if you were on  UCCX 10.6(SU2) =


Cisco Finesse is a next-generation Agent and Supervisor desktop designed, CAD was removed starting from UCCX 11 and Finesse gets activated by default.


Licensing still be provided by SEATS, there is a decent white paper on the differences between CAD and Finesse here:




Functional Capability of Mixed Mode



Here we can find all about Finesse:





first find the Supported Unified UCCX and Unified IP IVR Upgrade Paths




  • 9.0(2)SU3
  • 10.0(1)SU1
  • 10.5(1)SU1
  • 10.6(1)SU2
  • 11.0(1)SU1
  • 11.5(1)


We need to be at least on 10.6(1)SU2 before we are eligible to move to 11.5

Good Luck with Upgrade

Call Manager not able to call unity

We rolled out a new cluster and call manager was unable to call unity , It was giving fast busy

By default cisco phones use G.722 codec ,

When  I looked up in CUC Port Group, G.722 was not advertised by Cisco Unity and hence call failed

As soon as I started advertising G.722,  calls started to work like charm.

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